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For further information please write to info [at], or leave a comment below.

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  1. Information about the award in Polish:
    The “logo” visible on first two pages is a placeholder I created to stand for actual logo (as soon as there will be one, or a picture of the trophy, I will replace it), which is required by Esensja’s engine, and by mistake taken as a real thing by the Polter editor (I already notified him about it)…

  2. Hi,iam a Chinese writer,from Beijing.I read the information about this Translation Awards from the magazine<>(A famous Science magazine in China).

    Iam glad to see that.You know,language is a big question for different country‘s people,especially between the westen and China. In fact,there are many people like Science article,because it has great imagine and deep philosophy.

    So,i have two question:If i can trans my article(less than 40thousands word)in English,may i join this awards’ party?which E-mail address should i take?

    please give me an E-mail recall.My address :

    Best regards, 🙂

    1. We are delighted to hear that news of the Awards has reached China as we know that there are many fine writers there.

      We would be delighted to have works translated from Chinese competing for the awards. The awards are for fiction. In English the word “article” is usually used only for non-fiction.

      We are still discussing the eligibility issue regarding self-translated work. The purpose of the awards is to encourage and reward quality translation. If an author is capable of translating a work herself them presumably she could have written it in English to begin with and doesn’t need translation. On the other hand we don’t want to exclude deserving authors whose native language is not English.

      To notify us of eligible work, write to the address at the top of this page, or leave a comment on our suggestions page.

  3. Hi,

    My name is Kou Dou (窦蔻), a sixteen-year-old Chinese boy. I had published the first book since six-year-old and up to now I had published four books. At present, I’m the youngest member of Henan (one of the provinces of China) Writer’s Association.
    I was very excited when I knew this competition from a magazine. Because I have a finished science fiction novel which more than 100,000 words. But I have some questions about this competition, please answer me, thank you!
    1. When is the deadline of this competition?
    2. Even though I study English from childhood, but I still can’t translate a whole Chinese novel into English in the light of my present English level. Would you accept my novel which full of Chinese? And who will translate my novel?
    3. Except the above novel, I have some fantasy short story which fewer than 40,000 words, too. Would you accept them?
    4. Would the opuses have any chance of publish in USA if they win a prize?
    5. Which country’s people will attend the competition? Would the all opuses be concentrated to examine and verify?
    6. How many quotas are there in the last prize items? And what are they?
    Thanks for your answer very much!
    My email:
    My blog:


    Kou Dou

    1. Hi Kou Dou,

      We are delighted to hear from you and pleased your career as a writer is starting so well. However, our awards are for Works Translated into English, not for works in other languages. That is, your book has to be translated and published in English before it is eligible for the award. We hope that what we are doing will convince publishers that there are many fine writers working in languages other than English, and that they will therefore be more willing to translate and publish books by people like you. However, for the awards the works must be available in English.

  4. I hear that the winners of Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards will be anounced in the ceremony of 2011 Eurocon In Stockholm on June 18th 17:00.I would like to know the information as soon as possible.How could I know ? Will you publish on your website? If so,what time will you do ?

    1. What time it gets online depends very much on the Internet access I have in Stockholm. We are part of an award ceremony that lasts until 18:00. After 18:00 I will be free to try to get a signal and update the website, and the convention says they will be providing wifi, but I will believe that when I arrive and find that it works. – Cheryl Morgan

  5. Hello;

    This is Attila from Turkey. Science-fiction writer.
    I would like to reach to Mr. Franz Rottensteiner (below) about my science fiction novel.

    Do you know his e-mail or contact addresse?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Franz Rottensteiner Interviewed
    March 18, 2010 | Posted by admin German author and editor, Franz Rottensteiner, has been interviewed at the blog, A Journey Round My Skull. Rottensteiner has some interesting things to say about the difficulties non-English-speaking writers face in trying to break into the English-speaking market. Read the interview here

  6. Dear ladies and Gentleman,
    my name is Erik Schreiber and I am from Germany. I hope, you have a little moment for this information. It is not spam, only a question for helping.
    I am searching some science fiction stories around the world and I hope you can help me. I am author and publisher of science fiction. my little publishing house is sinced in 2010. I am the owner of Saphir im Stahl ( in english saphire in steel. For an non profit anthology-project I search 80 authors with sf-stories (maximum 4 – 5 pages) from 80 countries. The project-idea based on Jules Verne in 80 days around the world and is called Around the world in 80 stories.
    Invitation to contribute science fiction short stories to an anthology

    I am planning to publish a science fiction anthology with 80 international science fiction stories from 80 countries. In tribute to Jules Verne the title will be “Around the World in Eighty Stories”. The stories should be about 4 – 5 pages long. This project is unusual, but I hope to find enough authors from all over the world. The book will be published when the 80 stories are complete. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Appel à contribution aux auteurs de science-fiction sur le thème: Le Tour du Monde en 80 Histoires.
    Les histoires ne devront pas excéder 4 à 5 pages afin que le livre ne dépasse pas les 500 pages (bien que la quantité exacte sera définie selon la longueur des histoires). Nous acceptons différentes langues.

    Invitación a contribuir con relatos cortos de ciencia-ficción para una antología.

    Estoy proyectando una antología con 80 relatos de ciencia-ficción de 80 países. Como homenaje a Julio Verne tendrá como título “La vuelta al mundo en 80 relatos”. Para ello se requieren textos con una extensión de unas 4 – 5 páginas. Es un proyecto poco común pero espero entrar en contacto con suficientes autores de todo el mundo. El libro se realizará cuando haya recopilado 80 relatos. Si quiere contribuir haga el favor de ponerse en contacto conmigo.

    thank you for publishing and helping

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