Alchemy Journal Science Fiction Issue

Alchemy, a journal of translation published by UCSD students, is scheduling a special issue focusing on Global Science Fiction. They are looking for students to submit works of poetry, short fiction/non-fiction as well as reviews of books in translation. They are also accepting cover art submissions.

To submit, you must currently be a student, so please include the name of the school or institution of higher learning you attend as well as your program of study (if applicable). Also, please provide contact information of one teacher or faculty advisor who has agreed to assist you in preparing your translation for publication, as well as copies of the original texts with your translations for reference. Please limit submission to five pages of poetry or ten pages of prose.

They will assume that, by submitting to Alchemy, you have acquired permission from the original author or rights holder to publish the translation.

The deadline for Issue Six is January 31, 2013.

Send all submissions to: with the heading “Science Fiction Submission.”

WLT Spotlight on Živković

The latest issue of World Literature Today has a special feature covering the Serbian master of the fantastic, Zoran Živković. What’s more, four of the articles relating to Zoran are available free online. Here are the links:

Translated Story in Clarkesworld

Clarkesworld, the Hugo Award winning online magazine, has published a story translated from Chinese. The story is “The Fish of Lijiang”. It was originally written by Chen Qiufan, and was translated to English by Ken Liu.

We asked Ken Liu about the original form of the story. He tells us that it is written in something known as “Modern Standard Chinese”. This is writable by speakers of both Mandarin and Cantonese dialects. In future if we refer to a work being written in “Chinese” it is this language we will be referring to.