We will be using this page to help English Language readers find good translated books, and to help authors, translators and publishers get together.


  1. Thank you for an interesting website, and I only hope it gets better!

    I was recently introduced to your site by one of the authors you mention, and while you seem to be focused on non-Asian authors, I would like to invite you to have a look at our site as well. We specialize in Japanese fiction translated into English, including a number of SF&F works.

    Perhaps we can find a way to work more closely with each other in the future in helping get non-English works into the English-speaking world!

  2. Edward:

    Many thanks for dropping by. It is absolutely not our intention to focus only on any particular part of the world. Indeed, Nick Mamatas of Haikasoru was on the panel at World Fantasy 2009 when we launched the awards. We also have good contacts with people in India and the Philippines, and we know that China is one of the biggest markets for SF&F in the world.

    Many thanks for pointing us at your company. Please do let us know when you publish new translations as we would be happy to publicize them and consider them for the awards.

  3. Edward:

    We have no formal links with any publishers. We are, of course, always interested in sponsorship, but we will not do anything to compromise the independence of the awards.

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