Talking About Translation

Here are a few articles we have noticed online recently that address issues of translation.

The Guardian has a heartwarming story about successful marketing of translated Estonian fiction.

Charles Tan interviews Vandana Singh about writing in English and Hindi, and discovers than an Indian publisher, Zubaan Books, now has an online store.

Via the Croatian SF web site we discover that author Zoran Krušvar is blogging in English. The site also links to an interview with Aleksandar Žiljak where he talks about the Croatian SF scene.

Prof. Sagar Mal Gupta reports on the Eleventh Annual National Conference on Science Fiction in Indian Literature, which included discussion of the difficulty of translating science fiction.

Eligibility Clarification

One of the questions that came up following the launch announcement is where books would have to be published in order to be eligible. We hadn’t mentioned it because we thought it was obvious that it should not matter. However, some people were worried that we’d only look at works published in the US, or in English-speaking countries. We have updated the award rules to make it clear that this is not so.

Works will be eligible for the awards no matter where in the world they are published. However, we do need to know about a work in order to consider it. We’ll be relying on you, the book-reading public, to let us know about potential candidates. The award rules do allow for a jury to consider a book up to two years after its normal eligibility period if, for some reason, the juries for those previous years did not know about the work, or were unable to obtain copies.