A Fund Raiser (with Prizes!)

Running awards doesn’t cost a lot of money. We are fairly self-sufficient, though we are very grateful to CanSMOF (the parent corporation of Anticipation, the 2009 Montréal Worldcon) for donating the money to cover the various filing fees we needed in order to get set up. However, there is one area in which we could do with some money. Next year we will be giving out our very first awards. We would very much like our winners to receive not only glory, but a nice check as well. Translation is not very well paid, despite being a highly skilled task, and many of the authors whose works are eligible would be very grateful for a cash prize as well. So we are going to do some fund raising. There’s a “donate” button in the right-hand sidebar of this website. Please give generously.

In order to make the process of giving a little more interesting, a number of people have kindly donated some prizes to be given to donors selected at random. We’ll be ending the fund raising campaign at midnight on January 14th, 2011. Winners will be notified shortly thereafter.

As of now the following prizes are on offer:

  • A signed copy of a book donated by Neil Gaiman (title to be announced later)
  • A signed copy of Finch, donated by Jeff VanderMeer
  • A selection of 5 issues of Weird Tales (including the International issue). Donated by Ann VanderMeer
  • A signed copy of Evaporating Genres, donated by Gary K. Wolfe
  • A selection of 3 SF books translated from Japanese, donated by Nick Mamatas
  • A copy of Pierre Pevel’s The Cardinal’s Blades (translated from French), donated by Pyr Books
  • A copy of Joe R. Lansdale’s Flaming Zeppelins: The Adventures of Ned the Seal (Tachyon)

More prizes will be added as the fund raising campaign progresses, so keep checking back.

Our initial target is to raise $2000. That would allow us to give prizes of $500 to each winning author and translator. More money would, of course, enable us to give bigger prizes and/or set us up for subsequent years.

For the full rules of the prize give-away, click here.

If you are new here, more information about our organization can be found here; more information about the awards is here; and the list of books and stories being considered for this first set of awards is here.