Last Few Days

Here’s a final update on the fund raiser before it comes to an end at midnight tomorrow (Feb. 29th). We have currently raised $1,474.65. That’s a bit down on last year, so if we can get an extra $300 before the deadline we’d be very pleased. If we make it to $2000, which was our goal, we’ll be delighted.

As of now we have 28 prizes and 45 donors, so your chance of winning a prize is still better than 50:50. The full list of prizes is as follows:

  • Signed copies of A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords from George R.R. Martin
  • A signed US hardback edition of Embassytown from China MiĆ©ville
  • A signed manuscript of Pirate Cinema, Cory Doctorow’s forthcoming YA novel
  • A signed copy of the South African edition of Moxyland, with soundtrack by African Dope on CD, from Lauren Beukes
  • A signed copy of the Pyr edition of The Restoration Game from Ken MacLeod
  • A signed hardcover of signed Superman: The Black Ring (the complete Lex Luthor run from Action Comics) from Paul Cornell
  • A signed copy of By Light Alone from Adam Roberts
  • A signed copy of Range of Ghosts, the new novel from Elizabeth Bear
  • A signed copy of Songs For the Devil and Death, Hal Duncan’s poetry collection
  • Signed copies of the Creature Court Trilogy from Tansy Rayner Roberts (only published in Australia)
  • A signed copy of an ARC of the Subterranean edition of Manhattan In Reverse from Peter F. Hamilton
  • Ebook copies of the entire catalog of Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s Cheeky Frawg Books (epub or mobi)
  • A signed ARC of Nalo Hopkinson’s forthcoming YA novel, The Chaos
  • A signed copy of a novel by Juliet E. McKenna (winner gets to choose which book) from Juliet
  • A signed copy of Aliette de Bodard’s novel, Master of the House of Darts
  • A signed copy of the first edition of Nicola Griffith’s Tiptree-winning novel, Ammonite
  • A signed copy of the new Small Beer Press edition of Kelley Eskridge’s novel, Solitaire
  • A set of the first four Twelve Planets chapbooks from Twelfth Planet Press (only published in Australia)
  • Signed copies of the Binding duology (Shadow Queen and Shadow Bound) from Deborah Kalin (only published in Australia)
  • A signed copy of A Civil Campaign by Lois McMaster Bujold, donated by Baen Books
  • A copy of The Liminal People by Ayize Jama-Everett, donated by Small Beer Press
  • Hardcover editions of Wilde Stories 2011 and Heiresses of Russ 2011 from Lethe Press
  • A copy of Transtories, Colin Harvey’s last anthology, from Aeon Press
  • A signed copy of the new mass market paperback of The Fallen Blade from Jon Courtenay Grimwood
  • A signed copy of Welsh Kings, a Celtic history from Kari Sperring in her academic alter ego
  • A signed copy of the New Zealand edition of Heir of Night from Helen Lowe
  • A hardback copy of Felix J. Palma’s novel, The Map of Time (English language edition), donated by Rob Latham
  • A hardback copy of Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities, donated by Cheryl Morgan (who ended up with two by accident)

Everyone who donates money will go into a draw for one of those prizes. The full rules of the draw are available here.

If you are a new visitor, more information about our organization can be found here; and more information about the awards is here.

To donate, simply use this PayPal button. You are able pay with a credit card.