New From China

Hugo Award nominated writer, Ken Liu, is also a keen translator of Chinese fiction. His latest project is “Taking Care of God” by the popular Chinese science fiction writer, Liu Cixin. You can read it in issue #2 of the free ebook magazine, Pathlight.

As you will have noticed, if you clicked through, that issue of Pathlight was issued in conjunction with China being the Market Focus for this year’s London Book Fair. One of the events of the fair saw John Clute and Jonathan Clements talk about Chinese science fiction. Liu Cixin was mentioned, as was Tibetan writer, Ah Lai.


  1. Hi,
    LIU Cixin and AH Lai were actually on the Book Fair panel, which went very well — they were both articulate though cagey (hey), and as usual the simultaneous translators were uncannily good. Very glad to see LIU beginning to appear in English — see Jonathan CLEMENTS’s entry on him in the SFE ( for what looks to be some highly translatable HARD SF.


    1. Thanks John, very sorry I couldn’t be there to meet them.

      The links above for the authors are, of course, to the Encyclopedia.

      – Cheryl

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