More Prizes

We are delighted to be able to add some more books to the prize draw in our fund raiser. Firstly Neil Gaiman has confirmed that the book he is donating is his multi-award-winning The Graveyard Book. In addition we have had books donated by Peter F. Hamilton, Kari Sperring and Nanopress, a Canadian small press.

So, as of now the following prizes are on offer:

  • A signed copy of The Graveyard Book donated by Neil Gaiman
  • A signed copy of Finch, donated by Jeff VanderMeer
  • A selection of 5 issues of Weird Tales (including the International issue). Donated by Ann VanderMeer
  • A signed copy of Evaporating Genres, donated by Gary K. Wolfe
  • A signed copy of the limited edition hardback of The Reality Dysfunction (Subterranean), donated by Peter F. Hamilton
  • Signed copies of Living With Ghosts (DAW) and The Four Musketeers: the true story of d’Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis and Athos, donated by Kari Sperring
  • A selection of 3 SF books translated from Japanese, donated by Nick Mamatas
  • A copy of Pierre Pevel’s The Cardinal’s Blades (translated from French), donated by Pyr Books
  • A copy of Blood Out of a Stone by Élisabeth Vonarburg (translated from French), donated by Nanopress
  • A copy of Joe R. Lansdale’s Flaming Zeppelins: The Adventures of Ned the Seal (Tachyon)

Full details of the fund raiser are available in this previous post.


  1. One of the purpose of your awards is “to highlight the valuable work done by translators”. As a professional SF translator myself (English to French), I can only endorse such a noble task (congrats)!

    I can’t nevertheless help finding strange that you don’t even bother to give the translators names whenever possible (here: “translated from Japanese/French”… by whom ?). That is in my humble opinion the first step to achieve the purpose: tirelessly remind the audience that any translated book is actually the result of the personal work of two (at least) people.

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